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Fox Rampage Helmet Important Information

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Fox Rampage Helmet Important Information

A number of Fox Rampage helmets have bee supplied with 'A.C.U' (Auto Cycle Union) approved stickers on them from the Fox Europe to the UK market. 

The ACU is the governing body for motorcycle sport in the UK. The A.C.U. stickers are a mark that the helmet is approved for motorcycle racing within the UK, and are found on most motorcycle helmets in the UK. The sticker show the helmet has been tested for use in motorbike sports - The Fox Downhill Helmet has NOT been tested for this.

The Fox 'Rampage' helmet is NOT approved for motorcycle use, including, motocross and trials. If you have purchased a Rampage helmet with an ACU sticker on it, please remove it immediately or contact us if this is not possible.

If you bought your Rampage helmet from another retailer, please return it to them for sticker removal or a replacement.

The only Fox Helmets which are approved are the V1, V2, V3 and V4 helmets - these should all carry a gold ACU sticker (contact your local retailer if they do not).

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