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MX1 TV & Press Advert

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MX1's products have been selected to appear on the TV featuring motocross as a sport for kids, and the gear required to start in the sport. We looked to supply some Fox motocross gear to the kids, but unfortunately Fox Europe could not deliver on time, so we partnered with Thor MX, supplying race kits and protection for the riders. A great piece of promo for MX1.co.uk, the motocross sport and the brands we used.

As soon as we get a clip, we will get it up here - Check back soon!!!

Thanks for using MX1 again.

Do I Need a Motocross Kidney Belt?

The short answer is no...... However, have you ever ridden hard for a long period of time on the track and felt the pain in your kidneys the next day?This is due to the vibrations through the terrain. The motocross kidney belt hold everything 'tight' around that area, reducing the 'jiggling' affect of your internals. [...]

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Motocross Bike Graphics and Stickers

MX1 supply a huge range of motocross graphics / stickers to fit your dirt bike, and anything else to make your MX machine look great on the track. Mx1.co.uk sell the full graphics sets for the 5 main motox brands: Honda, Kawaskai, Yamaha, Suzuki and of course KTM. Our best selling brand is the Factory Effex [...]

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Join the MX1 Family

What’s the MX1 family? It’s our community of awesome people like you who are as devoted to extreme sports as we are! And once you buy from the MX1 Group you’re in our family, & we have got your back.We mean it. You see, at MX1, we’re crazy about providing the widest range of the [...]

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Enduro and Trail Riding

Enduro motocross / Trail riding is a hard sport at the best of times, contending with the weather and ground conditions, whilst dodging tress coming towards you at speed. MX1 has taken on a new Range of Thor Enduro gear which fits the bill as the best in class for the price. The Thor 'Ranger' [...]

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Cheap Motocross Boots

The Thor Blitz Motocross BootThe all new Thor MX boots, is probably the most competitively priced MX boots on the market today. Part of the new 2015 Thor Moto-x racewear range, these boot offer great value for money.Thor is well-known for it's quality of product in motocross and no other boot comes close at under [...]

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Ban On Motocross Goggle Tear-Offs

The ACU may band the use of tearoffs from January 2015, due to the environmental issues with them."Some may consider it unusual for the Enduro Committee to start the ban in January 2015 and the Motocross department are delaying the ban for a year. The reason is simple, whilst we all know the need to [...]

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KTM Motocross Bike App

KTM Motocross Bike News Available in an iPad App The all-new SX Motocross catalogue is now available as iPad-App which gives you with all the information about the new 2015 KTM SX model range. You also get access to exclusive content for a ‘close up and personal’ experience with KTM SX heroes. If you ever wanted to be a champ, [...]

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2015 Thor MX Motocross Gear

The new 2015 Thor MX Motocross range is available now from MX1.co.uk. Take a look at the new designs and use the 'Quick Buy' feature to buy Pants, Jerseys and gloves from the same page.mx1.co.uk/2015-thor-motocross-gear

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Motocross Goggle Quick Straps

How often have you wished you could quickly remove and replace your goggles with just one hand whilst in a race or tricky situation? Now with MX1's Quick Straps you are able to do this will little effort. You can simply release Quick Strap tab and let your goggles hang down from one side keeping them [...]

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